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lamb chop

Lamb chop
2pcs lamb koteletter (sorry don't know english name for this lamb part)
1 spoon butter
salt & pepper

black pepper sauce
1 spoon butter
1 1/2 spoon flour
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup milk
salt & pepper

Melted butter in frying pan & put the lambs. Seasoning with salt & pepper. After few minutes turn the lamb to the other side and seasoning. When the lamb is cook remove from frying pan to serving plate. Use the same frying pan to make a gravy. Add butter & flour, keep whisking til golden brown. Pour a water & keep whisking until the flour is getting smooth. Add milk & seasoning with salt & pepper. If the sauce is not really dark you can put a bit dark soya sauce. Serve this lamb chop with french fries & salads or coleslaw.

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